Obama circumvents Congress, Again!

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Once again, President Obama has chosen to favor special interests above those of taxpaying American citizens. This past Thursday, August 18th, the Obama administration circumvented the will of the US Congress by changing the rules for deportation of illegal aliens apprehended by law enforcement. Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, wrote letters to Democratic members of Congress explaining the new rules, which detail what priority the deportation of an illegal alien would occur. These new rules mirror almost exactly the “Dream Act” defeated by both houses of congress just last year. Some could argue that “undocumented workers” that don’t have violent criminal records aren’t harming anyone and that they deserve an opportunity to stay, pay taxes, and work the jobs that American citizens don’t want. I argue that any job held by an illegal aliens rightfully belongs to an American citizen. I argue that any illegal alien is already breaking the law by just standing on US soil without a lawfully obtained green card. With the US unemployment rate at 9.1% nationally, this president has chosen to buy votes from radical leftist groups such as La Raza by circumventing Congress and altering the deportation rules. This is not the first time he has chosen to ignore the will of another branch of government. It wasn’t too long ago that after his moratorium on oil exploration in the Gulf was defeated by two appellate judges, oil companies had to contend with updated oil exploration regulations instituted by Obama’s regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein. Under the new regulations, energy companies found it much more difficult and time consuming to apply for and obtain oil exploration and production permits. Let’s also not forget Obama’s decision to attack a sovereign nation that was, and remains, NO IMMEDIATE THREAT to the US national security without the authorization of congress. President Obama only begrudgingly explained to congress after the deadline, that we’re not at war with Libya, we’re just protecting the safety of rebels who are getting hammered by Qaddafi’s forces. Since all we did was launch missiles into Libya in coordination with NATO (which is funded and supplied primarily by your tax dollars), this is not really a war that we started. Now we’re footing the bill for a massive campaign to dethrone a dictator that had no immediate ill will towards the US. I only wonder who or what will replace Qaddafi once he’s gone, since there are reports that Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood have been supporting the Libyan rebels since day one, and so are we.
This president has no respect for the rule of law or the will of congress. That much is plain. There is now word from several of his top advisors that the much awaited jobs speech he will deliver upon returning from vacation with his family, will include mention of a large stimulus package, possibly bigger than the last two that failed miserably. I’m thinking that the president is going to want to spend every penny of whatever is left over from the $2.7 trillion check that Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader McConnell handed him just a few weeks ago. Why not? It’s not his money. It’s yours. And your children’s, and grandchildren’s.
So, what to do about this Dysfunctional Jersey Shore housewife, drunkenly spending all our tax dollars, and all the rest of those Whores in congress deciding our fates? Read the header. That’s my solution.

BTW, A lot of commentators are all up in arms about Obama going to Martha’s Vinyard for vacation. Like it’s any big thing. I don’t have a problem with his vacations or where he wants to go. In fact, the longer he stays away, the better. Joe Biden liked to say that with the Republicans in charge, we were like a car that was stuck in neutral. I’d rather be in neutral than speeding towards a cliff.

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